Passive job searching occurs when someone who is currently employed is open to hearing about new career opportunities, but does not actively seek out and apply to specific positions.

Passive job seekers may (and should) keep their resume and LinkedIn Profile updated and may engage in casual networking with colleagues and friends at other companies.

Passive sourcing means pursuing skilled professionals who are currently employed but are open to opportunities that allow for professional advancement and productive in their current positions who are highly valued by their employers and open to bigger challenges and more opportunities.

The benefit to a passive candidate is that, since they are not looking for a new opportunity, they probably won’t be interviewing with anyone else. With 60% of the workforce not looking for a new job, but willing to discuss a new opportunity, proactive sourcing (Boolean searches, social media, etc) is going to be your best bet for finding this group. Since it can be difficult to distinguish a passive candidate who is interested in speaking to you from one that’s not, you should be careful how you reach out people you find through proactive sourcing.

They haven’t expressed any interest in your company so far, so you want to get them excited about speaking with you. Your initial reach out should include an introduction to you and your company, and provide some reasons why you’re reaching out and why this move would benefit the candidate. Show them why your jobs are relevant to their experience and tell them which aspects of their resume make them a fit.

Our passive search skilled headhunters takes into consideration the candidate's values, job preferences, skills, background, family commitments etc. These are the guiding parameters by which, our headhunter analyses the candidate's suitability to the requirements of our recruiter. The main objective should not be to generate short-term employment but to bridge the demand-supply gap. Ethical headhunting calls for a sense of integrity.

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