When people hear the term BPO, most of them tend to associate it with voice process. In reality, BPO does not only provide voice based services, but also other transactional services which are of utmost importance for the organizations to function smoothly. Generally, BPO services can be broadly classified into two – voice and non voice services.

Call centers provide voice based services and provide customer support or other help lines over a phone connection. They mainly provide marketing or tech support whereas non voice BPO services include providing data or transactional services for firms across different geographies. Some of the non-voice BPO services are:

  • Payroll and invoicing
  • Human resource services
  • Accounting services
  • IT management
  • Analytics

There are also other common non-voice services like data entry, transcription, claims processing, transaction processing, data conversion, order management, email/chat support services, search engine optimization etc.

Out of the listed non-voice BPO processes, payroll and invoicing is the most common process that is outsourced to BPO companies as managing payroll is a complicated task for both large and small organizations. Also as companies are adopting a transformational approach to outsourcing, human resource services is set to gain thrust in the near future. It is forecasted that multi process HR outsourcing services will grow among other non-voice BPO services.

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