Our Domain also provides value added services like Names sourcing, a service of finding candidates with specific titles and job Functions in targeted industry sectors. Detailed information like Candidate name, current job title, telephone no’s and email addresses are then compiled in a database of your choice or provided in an Excel spreadsheet. This data forms a dynamic pool of candidates which can be contacted by your staff to present various job opportunities.

Names sourcing is a service of finding people who hold specific Titles or who do specific job Functions in targeted Industries or targeted Companies. Names Sourcing guarantees you get only what you specify and you start getting names within a couple of days.

We will provide you data in a spreadsheet including the name, title, company, and telephone number and/or e-mail address. From here your recruiters can start building relationships with prospective candidates and sell them the job opportunity. The cost of our names sourcing service is competitive and quite reasonable and the quality of services provided is high.

Any questions email: info@recruitmentprocessutsurcing.com