CV sourcing also known as just CV sourcing is part of a business process called, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), where we take a job specification from our clients and search all premium jobboards, forums, web communities and our extensive in-house database to deliver the most relevant CVs within a given time period. We work with organisations as partners to meet their requirements in the most cost efficient way, thereby allowing our partners to fullfill their roles with the right people within budget and time.

Why Recruitment Agencies use us ?

To effectively source the right 'active' candidate a typical recruitment agency would spend thousands per month on just premium job boards fees. By out sourcing their CV search/CV sourcing part of the recruitment process they've managed to save a considerable amount of time, effort and money to successfully fill their assignments. In short their recruitment cost has been significantly reduced to just couple of hundred pounds per month by letting us, out sourcing cv search, to do the hard work and resource candidates for them.

CV sourcing is one of the part of the Recruitment process outsourcing. We take the job from our clients and delivers then the most appropriate CV's within a short period of time.CV sourcing is essential for every company because nearly all of the candidates post their resumes on job boards instead of applying to the job posts. Resume sourcing method that helps the small commerce owners to save money as well as time. BY Using wide search, you can easily discover an excellent candidate who can be worth to the organization. Many companies and recruitment agencies move toward Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies in order to help them in scrutinizing the candidates, so as to undertake the difficulty of resume sourcing. This is a only way where most of the organizations and recruitment firms can save their time as well as cost.

A direct employer typically would spend time, effort and significant amount of money to source candidates either through direct advertisement or pay large completion fees to recruitment agencies. Out source CV search compliments their recruitment strategy and helps them to reduce their recruitment spend by helping them with their CV sourcing and pre-qualifying part of the recruitment process.

Our Domain specialized researchers easily "Seperate the Sheeps from the Goats" and provide you with best candidates for the Job.

Our Domain CV Search provides the accomplishment of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) which saves the time and money of our clients. We perform all those tasks, from scratch till end in an efficient way to make sure that our clients are fully satisfied by our work, and that we meet all the clients requirements.

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