First impressions last the longest and are often the basis of future decisions. This is true for job applications as well. The resume is the first thing a hiring manager sees. Even before he has had a chance to speak to or meet a prospective candidate and access his/her skill, they see a resume and form an opinion about the candidate which has nothing to do with their actual job performing skills. Not fair? Well, who says life is fair? Presentation is one of the most important factors for getting selected for any job and it is not about just how a candidate presents himself/herself when appearing for a face-to-face interview but starts much before that.

Many recruitment businesses across the globe have already benefited from outsourcing the CV formatting, and achieved real efficiencies for their business. Experience has taught us that transition and implementation takes little time, and significant annual cost savings can be made.

We understand that the database of CVs is one of the most essential assets for Recruitment Consultants. CV Formatting is a highly demanding and skill-based activity. This is a service which makes a CV look good and impressive by putting down important points without too much irrelevant information. IMS has been successful in exceeding our customer’s expectation in meeting the deadline and maintaining a hundred percent accuracy.

What should be?

The formatting should be backed up by the right information of course, but in order to have a good flow of ideas, the CV should have a building-up style of presentation.

How do we do?

We format the candidate CV as per the clients requirement who should be in a presentable manner. Whatever format is made available, CV’s can be arranged. Like some company don’t want to disclose the candidate personal details on the formatted CV when it comes to sending the CV to the end clients Every company has own designed format with the motto that CV looks fine, precise and concise and off course as per the clients requirement.

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